The Men Behind the Helm

Aloha Ricky

Ricky is our famous Aloha Ambassador. He’s been sailing with us for decades and knows how to mix a perfect Mai Tai to keep everyone smiling and dancing! Ricky loves Hawaiian music and being by and in the sea!

Captain Junyah

Junyah is a local longtime waterman, and an amazing sailor. He loves the ocean and sharing his knowledge of Hawaii and the waters of Waikiki.

Captain Kyle

Kyle is one of our longtime captains! He has been sailing for many years beyond just Waikiki, and he loves making our guests smile.

Captain Flynn

Flynn is an amazing captain and crew member who has been sailing with us for many years. He’s originally from the Big Island, he is tons of fun , and is an amazing fisherman as well!

Captain Jerry

Jerry is another one of our amazing and longtime captains! He has sailed all over the world, but Waikiki remains his true home! He loves charging out to sea and making guests happy!